"Space Occupying Lesion” – a medical term used by physicians and medical professionals, has become an all-encompassing term for me.  It is the cancerous cell, taking the place of the healthy cell and destroying it, and for me the place to deal with the pain, daily physical limitations and a desire to continue routine at home and in my own surroundings.  It is also the place that I have found empathy and love.

During the last year, following retirement after 25 years of teaching, the breast cancer I had dealt with 10 years before came back, and I returned to painting full force.

The subject of medical process is my “push” and motivates me during this period of time.  My creativity reflects my own femininity, my Israeli identity and  my belief in a humanistic approach in relation to social and political issues.

My education in art was acquired at Israeli institutions, from Jewish culture, from other Israeli artists and from Western culture. 

From an art viewpoint I see myself as part of post-modernism, while identifying with humanistic and expressionistic movements that see the human being as the center issue, with all his weaknesses and strengths.  Among my spiritual teachers – artists such as George Segal, Yigal Tomarkin, Moshe Gershoni and Uri Reizman.  Among the feminist personalities, the authors Savion Librect and Susan Adam have greatly influenced me.

In my work I have integrated autobiographical elements, quotations from art history and elements such as “objectives” taken from hospital; medical charts, medical instruments, etc.  The work process integrates the emotional with the intellectual.  Fear of a bare canvas directs me toward a process of planning content and layout.  The work begins with flooding the canvas with photographs that are later overlapped and weathered, while going through a process of change.

Ronit  Regev

October 2003


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